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Advisor Solutions 360

Differentiate. Activate. Accelerate.

As an advisor, your time is best spent working with clients.

Yet, inevitably, along the way there are challenges that arise as you grow and manage your practice. Strategic questions crop up that need to be answered:

What’s the best way to articulate our fees and the value we provide?

How can we show clients all the work we’ve done for them?

How should I go about segmenting my clients?

How can we improve prospecting and new business development efforts? 

How can we facilitate family meetings and help educate the children of clients?

How do I provide a career track for employees?

Which financial planning software should we be using?

What should we use for fact-finding & discovery meetings?

These types of questions are important but generally not urgent. And so they get pushed to the side. The problem is if these questions are left unanswered, your business will suffer. The problems can range from inefficiency and inconsistency to an undifferentiated offering and a lack of new business opportunities. Ultimately, you need to not only work in the business, you need to work on the business. That's where we can help.

Advisor Solutions 360 was created by advisors for advisors.

Just like financials plans are only meaningful if they are customized, we believe practice management strategies must be tailored to fit your unique approach. And those strategies only matter if they are executed. To do that, we will provide you with customized tools and train you on how to utilize them immediately.

We start by learning about you and then customize solutions that leverage best practices for scalable growth. In addition to many years working as a comprehensive wealth advisor, we have worked with hundreds of other advisors and planners. 

As we get to know you and your team, we draw upon the best ideas of some of the most successful firms to come up with actionable solutions. We will take what you are already doing well and make it even better. Through a combination of unique branding, repeatable systems, planning tools, and an enhanced client experience, we will maximize your business.

Who We Are


Chad Hamilton Photo

Chad Hamilton

Founder & President of Advisor Solutions 360

Chad Hamilton is Founder and President of Advisor Solutions 360. Chad has more than 20 years of experience in the wealth management industry. He’s a Certified Financial Planner™ and Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy who trains advisors on best practices for managing and growing their businesses. This involves designing specialized planning solutions for various client niches, implementing a consistent client experience, developing business development tools, and providing wealth planning thought leadership. 

 Chad’s previous experience includes:

  •  V.P. of Practice Management at one of the largest RIAs in the country, 
  • Leading a team of 50 financial planners and wealth specialists as National Director of Wealth Planning for a large regional bank
  • Director of Wealth Strategies for a multi-family office in Denver, CO

Chad is also the author of two books:


And has appeared in the following publications:


 How We Do It


How We Work With You

We start with a 30 minute discovery conversation in order to learn more about you and your firm. As a follow up to that conversation, we will provide you with a complementary 360 assessment. It is a 15 point diagnostic report which visually shows where you stand in an array of different areas. With red, yellow, and green we indicate where we can help and where you are in good shape.

Here is what that looks like:


before advisor solutions 360 assistance


after advisor solutions 360 assistance

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Why Choose Us

There are generally three options if you want help with practice management types of issues.

The first is to outsource.  By offloading some more repetitive, specialized tasks – say, compliance or operations for example - you can free up some capacity.

The second option is to adopt 3rd party systems.  There are a number of firms who sell turnkey solutions related to content, sales, and marketing.  Unlike outsourced solutions where you tell them what to do, these systems are designed to tell you what to do by providing an off-the-shelf system. 

The third option is to work with a coach or consultant.  Generally, they will give you insights on what others are doing and ideas for how to incorporate these best practices.  

Unfortunately, all three of these are inadequate.  

Prepackaged systems can make sense in terms of software for financial planning or portfolio management.  However, when it comes to practice management related issues, these are not customized to fit your firm and ultimately require you to do all of the execution.  Outsourced solutions help you to get tangible results, but they don’t help to offer strategic insights and best practices on ways to improve.  Coaches and consultants can help to offer these insights and strategies but typically it is up to you to determine the best way to implement.

custom solutionsCustom Solutions

We think the best approach is one that combines elements of all of these.  Advisor Solutions 360 is unique in offering both customization and execution.

Created by advisors for advisors, we start with cutting edge ideas & tools and then adapt them to fit the unique strengths and attributes of your firm.  When it comes to articulating the unique value your firm provides, you should not be forced into a pre-existing mold like every other wealth management company.  

Instead, you should learn from the best practices of others, but then adapt and implement it in a way that cultivates your own brand.

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Who We Work With

individual advisors

Individual Advisors

Just as the name of our 360 assessment implies, we look at your business comprehensively which enables us to choose from a comprehensive suite of practice management solutions that will meet your needs. We will provide you with customized tools, templates, and training to enable scalable growth.

super osjs and ensemble firms

Super OSJs & Ensemble Firms

The most valuable and unique resource a large ensemble firm can offer existing and prospective advisors is individualized practice management consulting and tools. We can work with you to develop firm-wide standards for branding and articulating a unique value proposition. Then, we can build the tools and deliverables and train the advisors accordingly.

large institutions

Large Institutions

Banks, brokerages, and insurance companies often struggle with having a company-wide "way" of delivering advice to clients.  If your organization is centered around goals-based, comprehensive wealth planning, we can help your advisors develop and implement sophisticated advice in an efficient and compelling manner.

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What We Do

What You Should Know


Getting Started is Easy

Initial Consultation & Assessment

We would be happy to have an initial consultation at no cost. It’s a 30 minute conversation in which we would ask you a series of questions to better understand your business and your goals going forward.  

To get started, just complete the short request form to the right.