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How to Grow Your Business with Faith-Based Investing

A Practice Management Series of Educational Webinars for Wealth Advisors

Session 1 

Topic:  How to Articulate and Demonstrate Unique Value to Clients

August 30, 2018 at 1:00 PM EST (View the Recorded Presentation)

Description:  "Adding Value with Values" – We’ll look at recent industry trends and offer practical tips and tools to help you differentiate by integrating faith and values into your service offering. Below are links to resources you can download to help initiate and frame the conversation with clients.

Article for Advisors - Introducing the Topic of Stewardship

Article for Clients - Conversation Starter

Four Quadrants of Wealth Planning (One-Page Visual)

Session 2 

Topic:  An Introduction to Faith-Based and Values-Driven Investing

October 11, 2018 at 1:00 PM EST (View the Recorded Presentation)

Description:  We'll survey the various strategies and products available to help integrate values into investment portfolios for your clients. We'll also explore the many ways to deliver impact and distinction - through negative screens, positive investments, shareholder engagement, community investing and more - for clients and prospects seeking to align their investments and their most deeply held values. 

Article for Advisors - Why Values Matter for Investing

Animated Video - Short Overview

Session 3 

Topic:  How to Integrate Faith-Based Investing Into Your Practice

November 29, 2018 at 1:00 PM EST (View the Recorded Presentation)

Description:  Getting started is easier than you may think. We'll look at simple steps you can take to begin offering faith-based solutions as well as tools and tips to help you communicate these opportunities to clients in a way that is unique and compelling.

Quick Start Guide - Core Satellite Models 

Survey - Tell Us What You'd Like to Learn in Future Sessions

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