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Tools for Targeting Business Owners

We’ve worked with hundreds of advisors and planners over the years and there’s a challenge that’s emerged for pretty much all of them.  And that is…how to differentiate.  How do you tell your story in a way that is unique and compelling?  You need to have a niche.  Identify a particular target market.  We believe that business owners present the single best niche market for advisors.


Why Business Owners?

Business owners are a great niche market to target for many reasons:

  • Most affluent clients are business owners (More than two-thirds of affluent households (not already retired) are headed by self-employed owners of businesses).
  • The business is usually their single biggest asset and most advisors are not talking to them about it. (If you are able to ask good questions and offer any assessment of the business itself, they quickly become interested.)
  • They are usually good delegators. (They are used to paying people to do work they can’t or don’t want to do.)
  • They often don’t have strong pre-existing relationships with advisors. (Because they often have much of their wealth in the business, many of them feel as if they haven’t had as much of a need for financial planning in the past.)
  • If you help them with both personal and business planning issues prior to the sale, they are likely to trust you to manage proceeds from a liquidity event.

What Do We Offer?

We provide a comprehensive suite of tools designed specifically for wealth advisors serving business owners to help throughout the sales and planning process. Our Business Owner Planning Kit offers the following three resources:

  1. Lead Generation Tools - A two-minute animated video that is branded for your firm to provide an overview for business owner prospects. Here is that "whiteboard" video. We can also provide ideas or a template for inbound lead generation (click here for an example).
  2. A Business Planning Assessment - A twenty question assessment that provides client reporting with visual gauges and recommended action steps.  It analyzes business planning in four areas: 1) Maximizing Business Value 2) Exit Preparedness 3) Contingency Planning 4) Estate Planning

    3. Innovative Wealth Planning Tools – Access to a proprietary, web-based tool that allows you to quickly generate the following reports:
    • Comprehensive Planning Proposal: A road map showing a prospect the various ways you will help them in the first 12 months if they become a client
    • Planning Review & Progress Report: A visual executive summary showing existing clients all the ways you’re helping them for the fee they are paying; also functions as a (red-yellow-green) progress report

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